A Charter Bus Service DC Could Make for the Perfect Gift on Valentine’s Day

Have you ever gone for a tour of Washington, DC? Maybe you live in the area or plan to visit here in February. Whatever the case may be, even if you have visited the national monuments, the Smithsonian Institute, or even the National Air and Space Museum, you could benefit from a Tour Bus Rental in DC.


Maybe you’re Looking for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift:

A DC Bus Rental might not be something you have never thought of, especially for Valentine’s Day. Yet, it could be one of the best gifts you give this year.


How Could that Possibly Be?

You need to think a little bit outside the box. Imagine you have been working or living in the area for several years. You haven’t seen your family very often and your friends are scattered all across the country. It might be the same for your girlfriend, wife, or significant other.


Imagine how he or she would feel if they see a Charter Bus Rental in DC show up to pick you and her up, she steps aboard, and sees all of her family and friends greeting her.

Once she clears the tears away, she will realize just how romantic this gesture was. Never underestimate the power of family and friends, especially when they get together for a bit of a surprise.


Most people have a tendency to focus on surprises for birthdays, but how often do you think about a surprise celebration for Valentine’s Day? Sometimes, it’s the little things, it’s the bit of thinking outside the box that makes a world of difference.You can all enjoy a great guided tour of the nation’s capital this Valentine’s Day. Just imagine how memorable that could be.


What Makes DC Coach Bus a Fun Way to Celebrate the Holiday Season?

What’s the same for you every single holiday season? It might be having family coming to visit. That’s wonderful, but this year you want to do something different, something special, something they will remember for many years to come. That’s why you should consider DC Charter Buses.


What can DC Tour Bus Offer?

If you live and work around the Greater DC Metro Area, you’ve probably seen the National Monuments, the White House, the Capitol Building, and all of the other wonderful sites to behold plenty of times. Your family or friends have it.


When You Book a DC Tours Buses, they Can Experience what you Have:

You can go on a tour. It doesn’t have to be on Christmas Day or even New Year’s Day, but any other time that there visiting with you. You might want to go with them, but booking a Washington DC Charter Bus for them to do some sightseeing may give you an opportunity to continue preparing, shopping, or getting everything else accomplished that needs to be done.


Sightseeing Adventures are Great Gifts:

When your family is enjoying a sightseeing adventure with Washington DC through Charter Buses, you’ll know they are safe, as long as you choose the right company. If you go along with them, you can relax, enjoy their company, share insight into the area, or ask questions of the highly knowledgeable and experienced driver.


If your destination is a specific place, you should be confident you’ll get there on time. That’s what you get with quality Minibus Rental DC.

3 Stops to Make When In Washington Visiting with the Kids

It might be your first time in Washington DC but make sure you are not the only one having fun. If your kids are accompanying you to a Tour of DC or if you are a teacher with your young students, then make sure to take them places that will really interest them.


Traveling with kids also means that you have to pay a little closer attention to their safety. Washington is a big city and you must make sure to check out Washington DC Charter Buses for safe traveling.  For a large number of kids, be sure to rent a DC Coach Bus for safety, convenience and to save time. Let’s discover some kid friendly places in Washington that you should take note of:


1.    The National Museum Of Natural History:

Your first stop in one of your Washington DC Tour Buses should be the National Museum of Natural History. There isn’t a kid in this world that wouldn’t get lost and dreamy-eyed in this museum of natural history. Could there be anything more captivating than watching a tarantula feed? Or what about looking at the huge elephant display? Oh, and did we mention the hall of dinosaurs?


2.    Carrousel:

When all the fascination begins to overwhelm the kids, take them to ride a carousel in the mall because it is always provides a happy and a shriek-worthy experience.


3.    National Postal Museum:

Not only is the postal museum full of colorful images of stamps, but it also allows the kids to create their own stamp, write a postcard and mail it, ride in a stagecoach and also have a chance to sit in the postal truck’s cab. The kids will have such a wonderful time here that it would be hard to get them back on a DC Tour Bus for the next stop.


If your are planning a trip to Washington DC in the near future, then make sure to book a DC Coach Bus in advance or rent one of the Tour Bus Rental in DC to ensure a safe, fun and comfortable traveling experience.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a DC Coach Bus for Your Wedding Guests

Is your wedding round the corner but you haven’t planned for the transportation yet? Overlooking few arrangements amidst the hassle is totally understandable, but it can affect the overall experience for your guests. For instance, a major concern for guests is transport, and it has a simple solution:  just hire a DC Tour Buses for your wedding guests and give them a return gift worth remembering! Are you wondering why a charter bus? Here’s why!


Helps in Maintaining Punctuality

If you have some out of town guests attending the event then remember that they are not familiar with the roads and locations. Chances are that they might get lost somewhere and ending up reaching late to the venue. Your wedding guests won’t have to fret about following the map for reaching the venue, instead they just have to step out of their hotel and get ready to be chauffeured to the event.


Brings the Guests Closer to Each Other

A charter bus will not only ensure punctuality but it will also gather all the guests at one place. Your guests will get a great chance to meet and get closer to each other. Travelling in a Bus Rental in DC together will be a good opportunity for everyone to spend quality time with those friends or relatives with whom they get to talk only occasionally. By the time the charter bus arrives at the venue, past bonds and new friendships is what you will get to see.


Save Your Guests from Driving Themselves Back Home

Your wedding reception will be no less than a pumped up event with guests socializing, dancing, and going crazy to the fullest. So who would want to drive back home on their own after this high-voltage celebration? Not your guests for sure! This is when the cozy charter bus will be there at the service of your guests. The bus will not only drop off the guests back to their destinations but also make sure they have a comfy journey throughout.


And when it comes to providing DC Charter Bus Companies, no one does it better than the DC Charter Bus! This bus rental service provides luxurious charter buses according to your needs. But make sure you book the charter bus at least 3 to 5 months before the event. Dial 888-308-3767 and get a free quote today!

3 Free Things to Do While in Washington DC Charter Bus

Flirt with History

To get a sense of how deeply entrenched the capital happens to be in history, you can always visit the many museums in Washington DC. So many of them might be visited for free and can be enjoyed by vacationing families. All you need to do is hire the right DC Tours Bus and be on your merry way. Some of the places that you can visit include the Smithsonian Museums and the U.S. Holocaust Museum. You can also include other interesting places on your itinerary that your family is bound to love. A turn in the Botanic Gardens, if you visit it close to the New Year celebrations, will be wonderful. The gardens have a botanical and model train exhibit going on that time!


Indulge the Present

If you have hired the right DC Coach Bus, then you can easily visit the Kennedy Center. Once there, you can take advantage of their free concerts. These concerts take place at 6 in the evening without change and do not require their attendees to buy tickets! If, like many people, you are also signing up for one of the Washington DC Tours Buses, then you can depend that you will be taken to the U.S. Capitol. Even if you aren’t signing up for a tour, you can join in the tour of the building free of cost!


Washington DC Charter Bus are also bound to include a visit to the Library of Congress. It is not just the books that draw visitors to the building but also how beautiful it is that attracts them. Open all the time, it can also be enjoyed while moving along with the others in a docent-led tour that is also free!


Glimpse the Future

Washington DC Charter Buses can also be counted open for a trip to the National Park. The National Park Services offer dozens of free walking tours. Just make sure you choose the time that is right for you and have fun! You can also arrive at the National Mall in one of the. Consider DC Tour Buses it a place where you can relax with your family while browsing the latest deals and fashion trends!

Top Attractions To Visit In Washington D.C

For many, sightseeing is an exhilarating experience and a great means of getting familiar with the city’s most prized attractions. If you are intending to visit Washington D.C., there are a number of attractions that you can spot on the Washington DC Charter Buses. Hop on a DC Coach Bus and open your eyes to the wonders in one of the country’s most famous cities. Let’s look at these attractions below.


Capitol Building

As one of the most easily recognized buildings in the city, the Capitol building consists of the US legislative chambers, the House and the Senate. It was first built in the 18th century after which it went through a number of renovations. The building can be seen from the DC Tours Bus from a good distance, so you don’t need to worry about missing it.


Washington Monument

At 555 feet, the Washington Monument is the tallest stone structure in the world.  It once held the tallest building in the world title until it was taken by the Eiffel Tower. It was built in the mid 19th century and was not opened to the public until the year 1888. If you are interested in going inside the structure, you will need to buy tickets available at the site.


The US Supreme Court Building

This is another place you can see as part of your tour bus ride on the Washington DC Charter Buses. The US Supreme Court Building is a splendid piece of architecture and art and exemplifies the country’s historic legacy of the US legal system being a designated National Historic Landmark.


Fulfill your wanderlust with Washington DC Tours Buses

Our Washington DC Tours Buses can help you have the unforgettable sightseeing experience. We have fleets that are capable of accommodating very large groups and our drivers are professionally trained and experienced. Whether you are organizing a school trip, corporate events, or simply want to experience the joy of the city with family and friends, our customer service and support can be of help to you.

4 Essential Things You Need To Have Before Boarding on a Bus Tour

Booking a DC Coach Bus to witness the many landmarks can be a great means of making the most of your time in Washington D.C. Our Washington DC Charter Buses are able to accommodate very large groups of people to help you have an enjoyable bus ride. However, no matter how lengthy a bus ride, there are always items that you need to pack to make the most of your bus tour. We recommend the following must-haves.



A camera is perhaps the most important item of all. With it, you will be able to take pictures or record videos of the various attractions that you will go past by. This will make your bus ride on a DC Tours Bus a memorable experience that you will cherish for many years to come. Cameras come in all price ranges; but if you can spend extra bucks, buy a Canon DSLR camera that will take crisp quality pictures and HD definition videos.



One of the worst things that can happen is to spend an otherwise fantastic day sightseeing Washington D.C. with a throbbing and severe headache. If you are in a situation, it is a lot more frustrating to find no spare paracetamol or aspirin tablets nearby and have to wait until the end of the bus tour to buy from a nearby shop.


Always keep painkillers to relieve yourself of the pain quickly without having to wait through a lengthy bus tour and make the most out of your bus ride on a Washington DC Charter Bus.



Packing a few snacks and drinks is always recommended. Having a few croissants and juices makes for a great Tour Buses in DC experience and can help you withstand instant cravings and thirst. Have a few sandwiches, water, juices, and other snacks for convenience.


Handbag or Backpack

You also need to have a carrying bag in which you can safely put all your belongings and keep your hands as less occupied as possible. A backpack will be better suited for tourism purposes as it will have a lot of space to keep your items, such as camera and refreshments, and also keep both of your hands free.