That Bus Charter in DC Can Take You Places, All Throughout the Holiday Season

A Charter Bus Service DC is a wonderful idea, not just during the holiday season, but anytime of the year. However, during the holiday season, for larger groups, a charter bus can be a great way for families and even friends to travel.


It’s Perfect for New Year’s Eve Celebrations:

A DC Charter Bus is ideal for New Year’s Eve celebrations. It keeps everyone together and no one has to worry about driving. During New Year’s Eve, many people will be out on the roads having been drinking for quite a while.


It’s best to have designated drivers, but if you’re traveling with groups of any size, from just a handful to an exceedingly large family or gathering of friends, no one else needs to worry about driving.


It’s the Best Way to Stay Safe:

During the holiday season, because there are so many issues on the roads and traffic can be a nightmare, a highly experienced driver using the latest GPS navigation equipment can get everyone to their destination on time and safe.


The Holiday Season is a time For Family, not Tragedy:

People want to be able to relax, unwind, and enjoy the holiday season together. They don’t want to worry about whether their loved ones are safe when out on the roads. By choosing a reliable and dedicated DC Charter Bus Company, everyone can rest assured knowing this holiday season is going to be even more special and tragedy free.That is always one of the best gifts anyone can receive.


What Do You Get to Do with DC Charter Buses?

If you have a number of people getting together and are planning on visiting some wineries, doing some sightseeing, or even going shopping, you may not have ever considered renting Tour Bus Rental in DC.


That seems silly, doesn’t it? After all, most of the time it’s DC Tours Bus companies that advertise sightseeing adventures. If you were just doing some basic shopping, a quick out of state trip, or even heading down to Northern Virginia or up to Baltimore, for example, for the afternoon or weekend, why wouldn’t you just drive yourself?


Even if you are transporting five, 10, or 20 people, the logistics can get complicated. On top of that, you may have to worry about safety for everyone involved. If you’re transporting more than five people in a group, that will usually require more than one vehicle. That requires coordination.


When you choose a DC Charter Bus Companies instead, you get to enjoy the opportunity to keep everyone together and that means people will arrive at the same time. On top of that, everyone will be able to have conversations with those who matter most to them.

With the right DC Charter Bus, they can even ask their driver about the area, some of its history, and maybe some of the best places to visit. If you’re trying to organize transportation for a group of seniors, for example, choosing a Washington DC Charter Bus instead of renting a bus to drive yourself and them, you can gain the benefit of that knowledgeable driver.You can also be the one spending quality time with others. You and a few other people wouldn’t be stuck driving everyone around.


When you book DC Charter Buses, you can do just about anything you want, from out-of-state sightseeing trips, shopping excursions, trips to an amusement park, concert, or sporting event, and so much more. It’s all up to you, your imagination, and what everyone on the trip wants to do.

3 Reasons You Should Hire a DC Coach Bus for Your Wedding Guests

Is your wedding round the corner but you haven’t planned for the transportation yet? Overlooking few arrangements amidst the hassle is totally understandable, but it can affect the overall experience for your guests. For instance, a major concern for guests is transport, and it has a simple solution:  just hire a DC Tour Buses for your wedding guests and give them a return gift worth remembering! Are you wondering why a charter bus? Here’s why!


Helps in Maintaining Punctuality

If you have some out of town guests attending the event then remember that they are not familiar with the roads and locations. Chances are that they might get lost somewhere and ending up reaching late to the venue. Your wedding guests won’t have to fret about following the map for reaching the venue, instead they just have to step out of their hotel and get ready to be chauffeured to the event.


Brings the Guests Closer to Each Other

A charter bus will not only ensure punctuality but it will also gather all the guests at one place. Your guests will get a great chance to meet and get closer to each other. Travelling in a Bus Rental in DC together will be a good opportunity for everyone to spend quality time with those friends or relatives with whom they get to talk only occasionally. By the time the charter bus arrives at the venue, past bonds and new friendships is what you will get to see.


Save Your Guests from Driving Themselves Back Home

Your wedding reception will be no less than a pumped up event with guests socializing, dancing, and going crazy to the fullest. So who would want to drive back home on their own after this high-voltage celebration? Not your guests for sure! This is when the cozy charter bus will be there at the service of your guests. The bus will not only drop off the guests back to their destinations but also make sure they have a comfy journey throughout.


And when it comes to providing DC Charter Bus Companies, no one does it better than the DC Charter Bus! This bus rental service provides luxurious charter buses according to your needs. But make sure you book the charter bus at least 3 to 5 months before the event. Dial 888-308-3767 and get a free quote today!

Make the Most of Your Pre-Wedding Bus Tour

If you are planning a pre-wedding bus tour through Washington DC or out in its countryside and suburbs with Charter Bus Rental in DC, don’t let it be a plain and drab one. There are a number of things you can do to make your bus tour a captivating one, having your guests enjoy the travel much more than the destination you are heading towards.


While a tour within the city might require you to make multiple stops within a short span of time to see various spots, a tour to the suburban areas gives you ample travel time, which you can utilize to make the travel the best it can be.While you may have chosen among the Washington DC Charter Buses according to your requirements, go through the following ideas as to how you can add that special touch to your pre-wedding bus tour.


Follow a theme

One way you can make the most out of your pre-wedding in DC Tour Bus is to follow a theme while you travel. This will not only make the journey more interesting, but will also keep everyone engaged and far from getting jaded. If you are travelling to the countryside, you can follow the country theme by dressing in the fashion of the suburbs. Any such theme that allows you to stay engaged and not doze off will be a good one.


Have a Bar and little Eateries on-Board

Customize your journey by giving your guests the option to have their choice of drinks and bite size treats while they travel. This will not only make your guests feel extra special and cared for, but will save you the hassle of packing eateries with you as well. Bus Tours in Washington DC are customizable in that they allow you the flexibility to decide what you want inside the tour bus. A miniature bar is the way to go.


Take the Dust off those Board Games:

There’s no better time to play some interesting indoor games than when you travel. We are sure you can save some space in the bus for a board game or two. Playing games while travelling is one way you can have the time fly by in a snap as you stay totally engaged in an enjoyable feat while having the most out of the journey in DC Charter Bus.

Plan the Perfect Gift for Your Patriotic, Whiskey-Lovin’ Dad this Father’s Day with a Bus Rental in DC

Planning an appropriate gift for your dad on Father’s Day is difficult. Just about any gift you get is under-whelming because the best dads never ask for much other than the best for you. If your dad is a lover of whiskey and his country and you’ve decided that this year is the one when you’re going to make a significant gesture and really surprise your dad, consider a trip with a DC Tours Bus to experience the Father’s Day Program at Mt. Vernon.


From 10am -4pm on June 19th, Father’s Day, you can experience “Father to the First Family” with your dad. You’ll have to purchase tickets, but in addition to the program, you gain access to George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill to enjoy a tour which explains the history of whiskey making. Services from DC Bus Tours can provide the transportation to get your dad and other guests to the event and the distillery comfortably, efficiently, and safely.


Using a Bus Rental in DC doesn’t always guarantee comfort; choose wisely. Our company’s Washington DC Charter Buses include plush, reclining seating and a roomy interior. We specialize in providing customer-focused service made possible through our around the clock customer service division which stands ready at all times to answer your questions, provide accommodations, or assist when needed. Several presentations occur throughout the day, and you’ll need to purchase tickets to the performance which is best for your group. We can make sure that you arrive on time and that you don’t spend one extra minute traveling rather than experiencing. Your dad doesn’t want to remember Father’s Day as the day he took a ride, but the day you surprised him with a trip to Mt. Vernon.


Safety is an absolute necessity for our services in Washington DC Bus Tours. Our entire fleet of machines enjoys full insurance coverage, bonding, and licensing which demonstrates each vehicle’s reliability and safety. Additionally, we go to great lengths to ensure the competence of our drivers including requiring drug testing, background checks, training, and evaluations. After enjoying a day of learning about whiskey, you’ll appreciate the safety of enjoying the services of a professional driver.This Father’s Day is yours to plan. You could do the typical thing and enjoy a typical day, or you could think wildly and plan accordingly. A trip on Charter Bus Washington DC to see Mt. Vernon and a replica of his distillery is perfect for your dad and sure to be long remembered as the best Father’s Day gift he’s enjoyed!

4 Ways to Settle Your Nerves Before Bus Tours in Washington, DC

When you’re planning to be a part of a bus tour or even a series of Bus Tours in Washington, DC, you might have some nerves about you. It could be due to news stories you seen in the past involving accidents with tour buses. It could be that you’re simply a nervous passenger.


Whenever you’re riding in a Charter Bus Rental in DC or elsewhere, if you find yourself nervous and anxious before the trip, here are four ways you might be able to help settle your nerves and, ultimately, enjoy the trip more.


1. Learn About the Company:

The Washington DC Charter Buses should have an impeccable safety record. They should have a singular determination to have only the most experienced and safest drivers working for them and a fleet of coach buses or minibuses that are late model and well-maintained.


2. Sit with Friends:

If you’re traveling as part of a school trip, church function, corporate event, or something else, if you’re going to be traveling with friends, make sure you sit with them. This camaraderie can help you feel more relaxed and comfortable.


3. Consider Medication:

This doesn’t mean you should medicate yourself, but speak to your doctor before this trip. He or she might be able to prescribe certain medications that will allow you to feel calmer and more relaxed for these Bus Tours in Washington, DC.


4. Learn About Some of the Sites you’re Going to Visit:

Whether it’s the main ones like the Lincoln Memorial, the White House, the Washington Monument, and so on, you can learn a lot about these sites before you even head on your trip. The more you know about these destinations, the easier it’s going to be for you to relax on and enjoy this DC Tours Bus throughout Washington, DC.