Attending an Out-of-Town Business Conference: Why not to take a Train?

Since you are travelling alone or with a few chosen colleagues to attend a business conference out of town, it may seem convenient to just book a train fare and travel in one. But wait; don’t just make that decision before you have considered the possibility of travelling through DC Charter Buses. Yes, you heard us right; in this blog post, we will be listing some legitimate reasons as to why Washington DC Charter Bus rides are a more suitable mode of commute.


Waiting Time Is Minimized:

You do have to waste 30-45 minutes for another train to pass by you before you enter a tunnel.


You Get To Pick Your Own Seat:

When traveling in trains, you can only pray that the person sitting next to you isn’t a hippie or a junkie who smells like he hasn’t bathed in years. Neither do you have to face anyone sitting in front of you nor do you need to imitate a conversation just because you two are going the same way. You can choose your own seat and look outside the window without being disturbed.


You Don’t Have To Keep Your Luggage Above Your Head:

If you are carrying a large-size hand carry, you won’t be asked to put it in the storage compartment above your head. All Tour Bus Rental in DC have separate storage areas below the seats for luggage to ensure that the passengers don’t have to carry them themselves.


You Get to Sleep in Peace: 

When travelling in DC Tours Bus or Charter Bus Rental through DC, the lights go off when its sleep time. This means that everyone who was on their phones, was doing crossword puzzles or was reading will have to put down everything and just go to sleep.


Toilets Are Cleaner Than That On Trains:

Since Charter Bus Rental DC don’t carry as many passengers as the trains do, you can rest assured that the onboard toilets will be useable. Also, you don’t have to wait in line for your turn like you would when travelling by train.


The Best Places to Visit with a Charter Bus Rental in DC


You’ve been planning this trip for quite a while. You are responsible for finding transportation, and you decided on a Charter Bus Rental in DC. That was a good idea, even if it was for family, friends, a school trip, church outing, or corporate event.


That’s because when you choose a Charter Bus Rental through DC, no one else has to worry about driving. You can all sit back, relax, and enjoy the sights.So what are the best sites to enjoy when relying on a Tour Bus Rental in DC? Here are a few you certainly want to keep in mind.


The National Mall

This is one of the most iconic architectural designs in the world. It has the Reflecting Pool, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Capitol Building all in line with one another. You can spend an entire day here and not get enough of this place.


The National Air and Space Museum

When you choose to visit the National Air and Space Museum, you will be filled with awe regarding space exploration, the universe, flight, and so much more. It is an incredible museum that not only has a great design, but so many things for people to do from all walks of life.


The White House

No trip to Washington, DC, relying on a Charter Bus Rental  DC or not, is complete without stopping by to visit the White House. This is the primary home and office for the President of the United States.


Depending on the time of year and how many people are visiting the region at that time, it may be difficult to get any closer than Pennsylvania Avenue.


These are just three simple points of interest many people put on their wish list when visiting the Washington, DC area. When you’re traveling with a group of any size, consider doing it with an experienced and reliable DC Bus Rental service.