3 Things to Do In Washington DC without Spending Any Money

Who says only money can buy happiness? In fact, some of the best adventures in life are those which happen unplanned and unprepared. Washington DC is a big place though and if you happen to find yourself in there with loads of time on hand and a few bucks to dish out, then make sure you spend it wisely. The first thing you need to do is hire a DC Tour Bus because you certainly cannot go to places on foot.


The next order of business is to ask the driver of your Charter Bus Rental in DC to take you to the following places. Don’t worry though, as these places are totally free of cost to visit;


1.    National Zoo:

No need to roll your eyes at this choice. You might have visited a zoo several times in your life but none of them are like the National Zoo in Washington. If you are traveling with kids, then step in one of the Bus Tours in Washington DC as they are super safe and most definitely make a stop at the National Zoo. The zoo houses endangered pandas and gorillas aside from all the regular animals. Also, you’ll find Orangutans flying over your head, so be careful.


2.    Folger Shakespeare Library

This will largely interest the literary fans with a love of books or maybe just anyone. After all, who wouldn’t be excited to devour more information about Shakespeare and this time, with visual proof. The Folger Shakespeare Library takes the visitors on a free tour to see their vast collections, reading rooms and Elizabethan gardens.


3.    National Gallery of Art:

If you really know how to appreciate true art, then make sure to ask your DC Bus Rental to drop you off at the National Gallery of Art museum. While getting entrance into the gallery may require some money, they still offer various tours and events to the public free of cost. These events can take you to the art collection of the 18th and 19th centuries, where you can see for yourself the talent of French artists and some Italian Renaissance artwork. Modern sculptures and paintings by the famous impressionists Picasso, Monet and Degas can also be viewed here.


It is not every other day you get a chance to visit DC. So, when you do have time on your hands, reserve a space on a DC Tours Bus and enjoy every inch of the city. You can also take Tour Bus Rental in DC to enjoy the cityscape.


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