Bachelorette Party Ideas for Your BFF Bride to Be

If you are tired of the beaten path of partying out late, getting drunk and eventually hung over the next day, read below for some unique and interesting ideas for your BFF’s bachelorette party. With Washington DC Charter Buses, these ideas can be given a major high-end touch.

Visit the Lesser Seen Spots of your City

The city one lives is often underestimated in that we don’t give much attention to the hidden gems there as we consistently look outside for sights and sounds. As part of the bachelorette party, it would be a good idea to go around your own home town and marvel on the places you have spent time together as well as those which are lesser known. If your BFF bride to be is a social butterfly who has a huge group of close friends, book a Charter Bus Rental in DC so she can have all her special people around her at a time.

Indulge on Yourself

Indulging is often seen in terms of shopping for expensive clothes and accessories. This time around, have such a bachelorette party where you all indulge on yourselves at a luxurious spa, followed by some fine dining as well. What you do for yourself, apart from material purchases, is something that stays with you. Not only will this memory stay with the bride to be for life as a gesture of regard from you, but will also let her relax and calm those tense nerves before the wedding.

Take Her on an Unusual Shopping Spree

Shopping sprees are often held synonymous with buying fashion items such as apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories. This time around, take her out on an unusual shopping spree as you buy her essential household items since she is about to become a household queen now. This will also help her get into the right frame of mind for much more household and essential shopping to follow in the future.

Alternatively, for some grand and unforgettable getaway to the woods, don’t forget to book the comfortable and luxurious Washington DC Tour BusesBus tours in Washington DC are designed to make you and your loved ones feel extraordinary as you celebrate your special moments together.


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