Make the Most of Your Pre-Wedding Bus Tour

If you are planning a pre-wedding bus tour through Washington DC or out in its countryside and suburbs with Charter Bus Rental in DC, don’t let it be a plain and drab one. There are a number of things you can do to make your bus tour a captivating one, having your guests enjoy the travel much more than the destination you are heading towards.


While a tour within the city might require you to make multiple stops within a short span of time to see various spots, a tour to the suburban areas gives you ample travel time, which you can utilize to make the travel the best it can be.While you may have chosen among the Washington DC Charter Buses according to your requirements, go through the following ideas as to how you can add that special touch to your pre-wedding bus tour.


Follow a theme

One way you can make the most out of your pre-wedding in DC Tour Bus is to follow a theme while you travel. This will not only make the journey more interesting, but will also keep everyone engaged and far from getting jaded. If you are travelling to the countryside, you can follow the country theme by dressing in the fashion of the suburbs. Any such theme that allows you to stay engaged and not doze off will be a good one.


Have a Bar and little Eateries on-Board

Customize your journey by giving your guests the option to have their choice of drinks and bite size treats while they travel. This will not only make your guests feel extra special and cared for, but will save you the hassle of packing eateries with you as well. Bus Tours in Washington DC are customizable in that they allow you the flexibility to decide what you want inside the tour bus. A miniature bar is the way to go.


Take the Dust off those Board Games:

There’s no better time to play some interesting indoor games than when you travel. We are sure you can save some space in the bus for a board game or two. Playing games while travelling is one way you can have the time fly by in a snap as you stay totally engaged in an enjoyable feat while having the most out of the journey in DC Charter Bus.


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