Plan the Perfect Gift for Your Patriotic, Whiskey-Lovin’ Dad this Father’s Day with a Bus Rental in DC

Planning an appropriate gift for your dad on Father’s Day is difficult. Just about any gift you get is under-whelming because the best dads never ask for much other than the best for you. If your dad is a lover of whiskey and his country and you’ve decided that this year is the one when you’re going to make a significant gesture and really surprise your dad, consider a trip with a DC Tours Bus to experience the Father’s Day Program at Mt. Vernon.


From 10am -4pm on June 19th, Father’s Day, you can experience “Father to the First Family” with your dad. You’ll have to purchase tickets, but in addition to the program, you gain access to George Washington’s Distillery and Gristmill to enjoy a tour which explains the history of whiskey making. Services from DC Bus Tours can provide the transportation to get your dad and other guests to the event and the distillery comfortably, efficiently, and safely.


Using a Bus Rental in DC doesn’t always guarantee comfort; choose wisely. Our company’s Washington DC Charter Buses include plush, reclining seating and a roomy interior. We specialize in providing customer-focused service made possible through our around the clock customer service division which stands ready at all times to answer your questions, provide accommodations, or assist when needed. Several presentations occur throughout the day, and you’ll need to purchase tickets to the performance which is best for your group. We can make sure that you arrive on time and that you don’t spend one extra minute traveling rather than experiencing. Your dad doesn’t want to remember Father’s Day as the day he took a ride, but the day you surprised him with a trip to Mt. Vernon.


Safety is an absolute necessity for our services in Washington DC Bus Tours. Our entire fleet of machines enjoys full insurance coverage, bonding, and licensing which demonstrates each vehicle’s reliability and safety. Additionally, we go to great lengths to ensure the competence of our drivers including requiring drug testing, background checks, training, and evaluations. After enjoying a day of learning about whiskey, you’ll appreciate the safety of enjoying the services of a professional driver.This Father’s Day is yours to plan. You could do the typical thing and enjoy a typical day, or you could think wildly and plan accordingly. A trip on Charter Bus Washington DC to see Mt. Vernon and a replica of his distillery is perfect for your dad and sure to be long remembered as the best Father’s Day gift he’s enjoyed!


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