Plan a Tour of the White House this Summer with Transport via DC Tours Bus

While considering options for travel this summer, you should take the opportunity to visit the home of the first family. The White House, or the people’s house, is home to the president’s family during the presidential term and is open for tours, free to the public. However, you can’t simply walk up and in without any prior arrangements. While we welcome short notice availability requests for service from a DC Tours Bus, the Federal Government isn’t so accommodating.

To arrange a tour of the White House, you must make the request through your Congressional representative. Furthermore, you should submit this request at least three weeks before your planned trip. It’s also important to keep in mind that all reservations are first come, first serve, so you should make sure that your tour is arranged prior to booking through DC Bus Tours to make sure your dates are accurate. Our process for acquiring service isn’t nearly so involving; we offer online booking to make it as convenient as possible.


Your expectations for this trip should be clear so that you know what to expect during the visit. Obviously, security will be tight during any visit to the White House. You’ll have to show identification and clear security checks. Additionally, you’ll not be able to document the visit with video or flash photography, and no restrooms are available within the White House.  These strict security measures are a set policy for all visitors.

When you use a Bus Rental in DC, you enhance the security of your own traveling party. For instance, your party travels together instead of separating into multiple vehicles. No matter the size of your group, our fully insured, bonded, and licensed fleet has a suitable machine. Our service also enhances security by providing a safe, dependable driver. Our chauffeurs know the capital well and can competently and efficiently provide safe transportation. We screen our staff, in particular our drivers, to eliminate any prospects with a sketchy background or at risk for substance abuse.


Visiting the home of the President of the United States is a significant trip for any American. Planning your trip well and availing yourself of professional transportation can ensure that the trip goes smoothly without disappointment. Our customer awaits your requests 24/7 to provide client-focused service for your trip through Washington Bus Tours.


If you are planning a trip in DC area than Bus Tours in Washington DC is your Ultimate Choice for your tours.


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