3 Creative Cake Related Ideas for Your Wedding

Creativity doesn’t end on the bride’s dress or her hair style; it could also be induced on the items that every guest is looking forward to. No, we don’t mean the wedding couple but the wedding cake, which is a very important part of the wedding ceremony. While both the bride and groom are focused on their looks, they should also focus on the appearance of their wedding cake. Here we have splashed some creative ideas for your wedding cakes to make the day and the cake memorable for you.


Leave the Cake Naked

A conventional wedding cake is covered with cream but a new trend of serving the wedding cake naked that reveals all the beautiful inside texture is gaining popularity among newly wedded couples. It makes the cake look more inclined towards nature by not adding too much cream or marzipan decorations to it. Naked wedding cakes are making their way into weddings which also represents simplicity among the couples.


Decorate the Surrounding of the Cake

A gorgeous looking cake with a simple white table cloth steals away the beauty and diminishes overall appearance of the cake. For this reason try adding creativity to the surroundings of the cake as well. Try placing some flower petals, bouquet and some lit candles on the table to accentuate the beauty of the cake and add a romantic look to the table where the wedding cake is placed.


Try a Fancy Shaped Cake

Tired of those three story cakes and want to do something non-traditional? Then you must instruct your bakery to bake a cake that looks misshaped. It would be a great idea if the bride and groom want to express their creativity on the cake. This would also catch the attention of guests and whether or not they remember your wedding ceremony; your wedding cake will always be remembered.


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